Dubai is wonderful land where Souks plays pivotal role in the culture and tourism of the city. Souks are the traditional open air markets in Dubai. These Arabic markets are ideal place to buy, sell and exchange goods. There are also Seasonal Souks held annually, occasionally, monthly or weekly. The city is dotted with gargantuan Souks which are cramped unfailingly. Dubai is celebrated for its themed Souks all over the world. They are one of the major tourists’ attractions and contribute equally in the business of the city & country.

Gold Souk

Visiting Dubai Gold Souk or Gold Souk is MUST when in Dubai. The tour is partial without visiting Gold Souk. This Souk is fervently dedicated to Gold. Situated in Deira district, there are more than 300 retailers in the market trading elegant jewelry. One can shop for beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles and more. The best part about this Souk is that one can negotiate the price of the piece liked. It also includes glittering diamond jewelry with variety of mesmerizing designs. This Gold imbued market is highly recommended to every Dubai visitor. It`s a market that every women envies or craves being at!

Spice Souk

Spice Souk attracts horde of foodies and spice geeks. It is the one market that should be visit at least once on a lifetime. Variety of spices is put on for sell in galore. There are enormous options of spices for your taste buds. The Spicy Souk includes spices & herbs used in Arabian & South Asian food. Just adjacent to Golden Souk, this Old Souk sells exotic spices from all over the world. The stallholders will keep on persuading you to their visit their stall and buy spices, but what we suggest is "follow your nose". Buy dry flowers for flavored tea, shisha water pipes, saffron, fragrances, incense, dried lemon, curry powder and many more. The traditional souq also sells dates, dry fruits, glassware, rugs, clothes, traditional handicrafts and many more. Filled with aroma of the spices, this resplendent spicy Souk has to be inked in the list of MUST visit.

Fish Souk

Another place for foodies is Fish Souks in Deira. The Souq includes variety of fishes and seafood in galore. Harmour is the pièce de résistance of the Souk. Albeit it`s not easy to stand in front of the butcher and in smelly ambiance, being here needs patience and perhaps the hunger for fish too! The ultimate time of visiting this smelly souq is early morn or late eve. Fishes and seafood are fresh and can be bought in morn or eve as dhows return back at the same town. The Souk also houses display of seafood along with fishing museum & seafood restaurant. The restaurant serves hot & scrumptious fresh seafood. Visiting this restaurant is "must" when in Fish Souk.

Perfume Souk

The city got its personal attention with cultural alluring fragrance. Dubai is celebrated for its aromatic ambiance. The city is also home for "Perfume Souk" which has array of aromas. Dubai`s Perfume Souk includes traditional ittar of the Middle East but also perfumes of other countries. As all souks allow you to bargain, buy multiple fragrances soothing your olfactory senses. Without any qualm, visiting this aromatic & exotic Souk refreshes one mind. Even the bottles are eye-catching with their fascinating designs. Beware as the Arabian perfumes are oil based that leaves stain when spread. As located in Deira, this pungent Souq is easily accessible from Gold & Spice Souk.

Textile Souk

Textile Souk houses array of fabrics' retailers. Reaching this resplendent Souk, Bur Dubai, needs one to travel by abra or by metro. Fabrics from all over the world are found in this fashionista Souk. The textile souk is worth snapping for its amazing architect and pile of colors, textures and weaves of worldly fabrics. One will find ample of options while in the souk; salmagundi of hued cotton, georgettes, silk, velvets and many more. During festivals the souk offers various sales in peanuts. This hub is always cramped by shopaholics from all over the world.

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is solely dedicated to items related to Indian culture. As the second most population in the city is of Indians, Meena Bazaar has become part of the multicultural city. The whole Souk is always filled to the rafters with Indians and even shopaholics from all over the world. Located in Bur Dubai, it is the sole hub for Indian handicrafts, jewelry, clothes, restaurants, furniture, textile and many more. The place is also perfect for photographers to snap colors of world present in the market.

Modern Souks

Modern Souk are remodeled Souks with Arabic and modern architecture. Soul Al Bahar is one of the best souks one should definitely visit. It houses number of dining options along with shopping arcades. Souk Madinat Jumeirah is dotted with boutiques, theatre and many more. For typical Arabian shopping visit Khan Murjan.

Other Souks

Dubai city owes number of Souks and are worth tarriance. All Souks are as different as chalk and cheese and offer variety of peculiar & craving conversation piece. While in Dubai, visit Karama market for buying DVD, bags, Naif Souk is popular for souvenirs and leather. Friday market is known for pots, pans, toys and carpets. Fruit and vegetable Souk is another MUST visit.

Dubai, for many such tourists’ attractions, can be crowned as "Little Shopping arcade representing world".