Dubai Helicopter Tour

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dubai`s tourism has contributed tremendously in the betterment of UAE. Today it has gained its place as "the most visited city in the world". Islam is the official culture of the cosmopolitan city. Presence of foreign population, since one or two decades, has left undeniable mark on the Dubai's culture. The culture of the city is still unclouded by the cosmopolitan ambiance. Contemporarily, Dubai is living unbiased life and welcomes there tourists with open arms. Dubai has that charm that lures tourists from all over the world. The city is planned to appeal every traveler around the world. From skyscrapers to man-made islands and malls to festivals, Dubai offers endless reasons to fly this city.

Watching Dubai with aerial view is beyond comparison experience. Dubai helicopter tour allows you to witness this amazing aerial perspective while in Dubai. The tour is of mere few minutes but allows one to snap the glimpse of the city with aerial perspective. The aerial view gives ace and perfect look of the city. The well painted city is famous for enormous reasons such as for tallest skyscraper 'Burj Khalifa', the only seven star hotel in the world 'Burj Al Arab', 'The Palm' and many more. With Helicopter tour one can explore the city from miles above land. The tour includes Burj Khalifa, Souk, The World, Historic sites, Dubai Old Town, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road, The Palm and beaches along with splendid coastline.

Dubai Helicopter Tour organizes tours at night to perceive nightlife in aerial view. Dubai is full of resplendent lights at night, watching them from sky view gives treat to eyes. It`s an unique way of romancing the city. To surprise your dear ones, one can book private helicopter explore aerial view of the city. Shared tours are for families and bunch of friends. The Helicopter Tour providers also take care of the safety of their guests. They also provide viand. It is highly recommended to carry personal camera while leaving for Helicopter tour. Snap pictures of the beautiful emirate city. Customized helicopter tour is also available on request. It includes only those highlights of the emirates that one wants to capture.

Helicopter Tour is ideal tour for newly married couples seeking romantic ride in the sky. This tour gives you opulent flying experience that too in peanuts. This sophisticated tour gives you breathtaking and panoramic view of the emirate city. The visit in the city is vain if not witnessed this splendid aerial view.