Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is synonymously known for Desert Safari. Without Desert Safari the tour is in Dubai partial. This adventurous activity is MUST try for every international globetrotter. Even the inhabitants enjoy Desert Safari. Everyone should try this amazing adrenaline rush ride. Dubai has successfully managed to use Desert for thrilling and opulent Safari. This attracts number of international intrepid geeks. It's an innovative way of enjoying and romancing golden desert. It's an ideal venturesome destination for intrepid freaks. It can be enjoyed by every age group without any worries.

Why Desert Safari?

Dubai Desert Safari is a thrilling sport activity that Dubai Tourism offers with world class amenities, services and hospitality. It is a perfect quintessence of adventure blended with opulence. This gripping Safari includes pick-up & drop services with viand, dune bashing, sunset, sunrise, desert driving, sand boarding, Arabic costumes, Heena painting, Belly dance, Tanoura dance, Fragrant Sheesha, Camel riding, scrumptious veg. & n.veg BBQ buffet dinner and Arabic sweets & fruits. As the desert is far off from the city, you can book your 4WD as per convenience. VIP Hummer is most chosen for this roller coaster ride. The actual ride commences when you enter the desert.

Morning Desert Safari:

Morning Desert Safari offers best view of the golden dunes. Tourists who have separate evening plans can book Morning Desert Safari. The driver will pick you at discussed time & location and will take you to the roller coaster ride. The drivers are well trained and ergo they make sure you enjoy this thrilling ride comfortably & safely. Morning Safari includes Quad rides i.e. dune bashing. It is also known as sand bashing. Camel riding is also part of the Morning Safari. It also offers water & soft drinks to quench your exciting thirst. Sand boarding is another intrepid activity counted in the Safari.

Evening Desert Safari:

Evening Desert Safari is highly recommended ride for everyone. This Evening Safari is as different as chalk & cheese from Moring Desert Safari. It begins in late noon and takes you to picturesque ride in the dunes. Your first stop is in the camel farm where you can enjoy camel riding. This ride gives you chance to be part of sun setting in the midst of golden sand. You can snap this mesmerizing moment in your camera. Later you can also enjoy sand boarding and dune bashing. At the camp, they offer you traditional costumes. Entertainment is part of the Safari; it includes Belly dancing and Fragrant Sheesha. Dinner is also part of this amazing ride with buffet and bar.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Overnight Desert is the continuation of Evening Desert Safari. Once other travelers leave you are left alone under shimmering dark sky. The desert life at night is more beautiful and is imbued with silence of the desert. The calm desert is MUST see at night. It's an ideal place for reveling hassle free moments with privacy. They provide personal camps and sleep bags with blankets. Next day morning they serve you breakfast before dropping you back at you hotel.

Dubai Desert Safari: Experience at least once in a lifetime!

Dubai Desert Safari should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. It's a weird combination of adventure with aristocrat services & hospitality that too in a desert. The Safari offers excitement and entertainment in galore. So, get ready for a rousing and hair rising Desert Safari when in Dubai. Plan your thrilling trip now!